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Item Description

RFID reader module (13.56MHz)[RFID_READER]

Price: SG$8.00 (tax excl.)
[Stock:100 ] Weight: 50g

RFID reader module for capable of reading Mifare Classic RFID tags or cards.

  • Mifare Classic Mini, S20
  • Mifare Classic 1k, MF1 S50
  • Mifare Classic 4k, MF1 S70

Small size is only 59 x 35 x 6.2mm which fits to many casing and installation

The module has a UART interface which allows communication with a microcontroller or a computer USB/RS232 via a converter.

For detail information check out this webpage for mini RFID reader in Singapore.

Detail technical information of this module is available. Please contact our sales or visit the mini RFID reader page for more info.



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