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CO2 Sensor Module (Telaire T6613) | Singapore[T6613]

Price: SG$88.00 (tax excl.)
[Stock:15 ] Weight: 400g

CO2 Gas Environmental Sensor.

Telaire 6613 CO₂ modules are factory calibrated to measure CO₂ concentrations levels up to 5000ppm

  • Measure CO2 gas
  • UART interface to microcontroller
  • 5V power input
  • Reliable Gas Sensor Solution.
  • Flexible CO2 sensor platform designed to interact with other microprocessor devices.

Check out this T6613 sensor documentation here.

For USB connectivity to this sensor (virtual serial communication version), you need to buy a USB to UART adaptor cable for communication. Please contact sales@pic-control.com for further information. You can write program on computer using Java language, C#, C++, etc... to interface to this sensor and read the CO2 gas reading.

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