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5V 2A power adapter (100-240Vac-5Vdc) Singapore

Price: SG$6.00 (tax excl.)
[Stock:40 ] Weight: 500g
5V 2A power adapter (100-240Vac-5Vdc)

Power supply convert 100-240Vac to 5Vdc using power switching technique. Adapter itself is light in weight, but is able to delivery current up to 2A. Suitable for 5V electronics that required a current of less than 2A.

- 5Vdc, support up to 2A
- LED indicator
- Standard DC barrel jack (OD=5.5mm, ID=2.1mm, + inside/- outside)
- Standard UK 3 pins plug.
- Wire length 1m
- Light weight

Please email for bulk purchase (10pcs and above), for special price.

Note: Switching power adapter is not recommended for RF application. Please email us for alternative recommendation.

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