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Digital Display Meter Singapore

Price: SG$18.00 (tax excl.)
Weight: 100g

Digital Display Meter

This is a digital display meter, a measuring meter instrument.

This meter (depending on the model) is design to measure DC or AC voltage, DC or AC current,
and display in a 4 digit precision. The display has a bright and clear digits presentation.

- Measures and display DC voltage from 0~20Vdc
▄▄▄ Red 5V
▄▄▄ Black Gnd
▄▄▄ White DC Voltage Input -
▄▄▄ Yellow DC Voltage Input +


- Measures and display DC current from 0~3A
- Power supply has to be isolated from the measure target
▄▄▄ Red 5V
▄▄▄ Black Gnd
▄▄▄ White DC Current Input -
▄▄▄ Yellow DC Current Input +

- Measures and display AC voltage from 0~300Vrms

▄▄▄ Red 5V
▄▄▄ Black Gnd
▄▄▄ White AC Voltage Input -
▄▄▄ Yellow AC Voltage Input +


- Measures and display AC current from 0~10A
▄▄▄ Red 5V
▄▄▄ Black Gnd
▄▄▄ White AC Current Input -
▄▄▄ Yellow AC Current Input +






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