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Metal Detection Sensor Singapore[SN04-N]

Price: SG$10.00 (tax excl.)
[Stock:10 ] Weight: 120g

Metal Detection Sensor

This sensor is able to detect metal at a range of 0 to 4mm,
accepts a wide range of voltage from 10 to 30Vdc.

This output is a normally open NPN output switch driving 100mA load.
When a metal object is detected, the output will be pull to ground.
The output will be left floating when no object is detected.
When the output is to be connected to a microcontroller's input pin,
it should be tied to Vcc through a pullup resistor.
If the output is to be use to drive a load,
the output should be connected to the -ve of the load.

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Wiring Color
Brown 10 to 30Vdc
Blue Gnd
Black Sensor Output, NPN N.O. (Normally Open)


Electrical Specification
NPN N.O. (Normally Open)
Sensing surface: Top surface
Standard sensing object: Iron 18 x1 8 x 1mm
Sensing distance: 4 mm
Secure sensing distance: 0 to 3.2 mm
Hysteresis: ≤ 10 % of sensing distance
Response time: 2 ms Max
Operating voltage: 10 ~ 30 Vdc
Current consumption: ≤ 8 mA no-load
Load current: 100 mA Max. at 30Vdc
Leakage current: ≤ 1.1 mA no-load
Residual voltage: ≤ 1.5Vdc
Insulation resistance: 20MΩ min. (500Vdc)
Voltage withstandability: 1000Vac 60Hz for 60sec
Operating temperature: -20℃ ~ + 60℃
Protection degree: IP 66
Wiring method: Pre-wire Ø4.2 x 1m / 3-wires
Approx. 60g


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