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Vibrate Sensor Singapore

Price: SG$3.00 (tax excl.)
[Low stock] Weight: 5g
Quantity:  0.5g

Vibrate sensor acts as a switch and make contact
when a vibration is applied to the sensor.

Sensor is an open switch when at rest position.
It is a close switch when a centrifugal force is applied.
Any knock or vibration will produce digital on/off or glitches output.

A simple circuit interface for the sensor
and a typical signal output is shown.
The sensor output can be interface to a microcontroller to process the signal,
or a schmitt trigger (using 555 timer) for a cleaner or stable signal.

Typical Sensing Application:
- Machine vibration sensor.
- Door knocking sensor.
- Centrifugal force detection for object in motion.
- Drop/Impact sensor, detecting object being hit.
- Motion security detection for product display.

Electrical Specification:  
Voltage: <12V 4.8mm
Current: <20mA 12mm
Conductive time: 2ms 11mm
Closed resistance: <30 ohm 12.5mm
Open resistance: >10M ohm 0.5g
Color Black


Mechanical Specification:  
Barrel diameter 4.8mm
Barrel length 12mm
Center lead length 11mm
Side lead length 12.5mm
Weight 0.5g
Color Black
Storage Temperature -40°C to 80°C
Operating Temperature -40°C to 80°C
Pull force of terminal 500gf for 1 minute
Humidity 95% RH, 40°C for 96 hours
Operating lifespan 100,000 cycles
Material ABS777D
Guide pin Brass tube, gold-plated
Spring Stainless steel / Phosphorus copper wire
Sealing glue Epoxy resin
Heat shrinkable tube PET, black/gray
Welding characteristics Solder tin, tin content 100%
Welding humidity 260°C ±10°C
Welding time 2-2.5 seconds




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