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Step-up DC Voltage Regulator (up to 1.2A) Singapore[PIC-102]

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Step-up DC Voltage Regulator (up to 1.2A)

Step up voltage from as small as 4.5V up to 12V (1.2A) to operate your 12V devices.

Voltage input: 4.5 - 12 Vdc ()
Voltage output:

Option: 12Vout, Adjustable, Customised Vout

Max current output: up to 1.2A (at 12Vout)


- Pump up your low voltage battery to 12V.

Important Note:
- Input current can draw up to 3.5A (at 5V input)
- Select an input source that can provide enough current for the operation.


If you need to custom your Vin Vout step-up regulator, please feel free to contact us.


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