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LED Candle Bulb (0.5W) Singapore[LEDCB110x]

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LED Candle Bulb.

This product is sold as a pair of LED candle bulb. The energy consumption is only 0.5W. Compare to a normal incandescent bulb 16W, the energy saving is 32 times.

LED candle bulb is very efficient and does not generate any heat. It is very safe to touch and will not burn your hand. The life span of this bulb is up to 30,000 hours.

Save up to S$4 electricity bill per month
(Electricity tariff rate S$0.30, operating for 24 hours/day.)

Available Models:
- LEDCB1104 E12 0.5W Daylight (clear glass)
- LEDCB1105 E12 0.5W Warm White (clear glass)
- LEDCB1106 E12 0.5W Red (clear glass)
- LEDCB1109 E12 0.5W Red red glass)

- 0.5W energy consumption
- No heat generated.
- Lifespan up to 30,000 hours
- Lamp base E12 (Ø11.7mm)
- Weight 6g (each bulb)

Mechanical Dimension:
- Glass bulb diameter Ø23mm
- Overall bulb length 59mm
Other Images
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Red LED light, Clear glass
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Red LED light, Red glass


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