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Motion Sensing Switch Singapore[ASY1002]

Price: SG$29.00 (tax excl.)
[Not available] Weight: 300g

PIR Motion Sensing Switch

Save electricity by switching off your lights when not in use. We tends to forget to switch off the lights (bathroom/toilet, store/garage room) after we have used the room. The lights may be left on for days, only to realize the electricity wastage on our next visit.

This ceiling mounted motion sensor act as a switch to switch off your lights when there is no motion activity in the area. It can sense motion within a 3.5 meter radius, covering 7x7m area.

The sensor is able to detect the lighting intensity of the zone and switch on the lights only when it is dark. This makes it suitable for outdoor/corridor lighting control. Lights will not be switched on during the daylight. It will only switched on during the night time when motion is detected.

This device also allows sensitive and time settings. The sensor can switch off the lights after a time period of inactivity.

The device can switch on/off appliance up to 1200W (about 230Vac 5A load). It can be connected to a series of lights, fan, and other 230Vac appliances.

1) Automatic lighting control for your storage room, toilet, corridor area.
2) Automatic turn off appliance when no one is around.

- Weight 175g
- Overall size Ø118 x 58mm (Case size Ø118 x 32.5mm)
- Live in (Brown). Neutral in (Blue), Live out (Red, to be wired to your lighting/appliances)
- Wire length 12mm (Brown, Blue and Red)
- Settings available, LUX, Time, Sens
- AC 230V

Manual: ASY1002 PIR motion sensor.pdf
Wiring Guide: ASY1002 motion sensor wiring connection.pdf

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