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Item Description

850nm IR LED strip Singapore

Please contact us from here for the price.
850nm Infra-Red LED strip (1 meter length)

- Attractive slim and low profile mounting.
- Simple installation (adhesive tape behind the strip)
- Maintenance free, high reliability.
- Flexible strip is able to curve around bends.
- Spread the IR intensity evenly across the strip.
- Able to cut to length
- LED package used (3528), low power, less heat generated, less energy wasted.
- 60 LED per meter
- 12Vdc power supply. (1A per meter)
- Safe operating voltage. Touching the strip with your bare hand is safe.
- Light weight

- IR CCTV camera, computer vision
- Multi-touch table and projection screen.
- IR gaming, and development.
- Night vision system
- IR remote control, IR blaster, data transmission, wireless communication.

Power supply not included. Accessories available for connecting the strip and power supply's wiring.

This is a custom made product, please feel free to email us for further information.


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