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WiFi to Serial RS232/RS485/RS422 converter Singapore[PIC-014]

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PIC-014 WiFi to Serial RS232/RS485/RS422


PIC-014 powered by Matchport, is able to convert your old RS232/(RS485 or RS422) device to a wired (Ethernet) or wireless (Wifi) communication deivce. PIC-014 is able to consolidate 2 of your serial devices into one internet IP address. It can also act as a bridge to convert Wifi to Ethernet.


PIC-014 has a smart power controller built in and can accept a wide range of regulated or unregulated dc voltage. This allows user to easy draw power from another power source without having to buy a delicated power supply or power adaptor.




PIC-014 WiFi to RS232/RS485/RS422 converter.

  • wide input voltage 12V, 13.2V, 24V

  • 1x RS232 port

  • 1x RS232/RS485/RS422 port

  • 1x Ethernet

  • easy and convenient to deploy on-site with pluggable terminal

  • support MatchPort, WiPort component

  • PIC-014 product.pdf


Product is for data communication conversion. Convert wireless WiFi, to and from the following physical data.

  • Wire Ethernet

  • Port0, RS232

  • Port1, depend on the model



Models available:

  • PIC-014-232

  • PIC-014-485

  • PIC-014-422


Note: Please take note that this product does not comes with a power adaptor.


We also provide service to help our customer with their product communication conversion. Please contact us for further information.




Matchport info:

Your product that is using UART serial communication can be easily converted to WiFi with Matchport.


Reference for MatchPort:

MatchPort User Guide.pdf

MatchPort_Integration Guide.pdf
MatchPort_Product Brief.pdf



Please take note that WiPort is no longer available and will be replaced by MatchPort.



MatchPort distributor:      
Avanca Technologies





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