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Item Description

Portable Power Meter Singapore[GAD2001]

Price: SG$56.00 (tax excl.)
[Not available] Weight: 400g
Power Meter measures home electrical appliance.

- Wattage (0W to 2990W) +/-2%
- Accumulated electricity cost
- KWh (0.00Kwh to 9999.9Kwh)
- Days/Hours elapse
- Voltage +/-2%
- Frequency (40Hz to 70Hz)
- Current (0.00A to 13.00A) +/-2%
- Power factor (0.20 to 1.00)
- Highest wattage detected
- Lowest wattage detected
- Electricity tariff rate

Operating Voltage 230-250V, 50Hz
Max Current Load 13A

Power meter comes with a overloading protection.
A buzzer will sounds if the power meter is overloaded.
Other Images
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Display 1 - Wattage, Accumulated electricity expense
Display 2 - KWh, Days/Hours elapse
Display 3 - Voltage, Frequency
Display 4 - Current, Power factor
Display 5 - Highest wattage detected
Display 6 - Lowest wattage detected
Display 7 - Electricity Tariff Rate Cost


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